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At Litchfield Family Dental, our goal is to provide the best possible dental experience for our patients throughout the Litchfield and Torrington, CT areas. In contrast to large dental corporations, we offer individual attention and thoughtful dental care that is customized to you and your family. We provide a full range of dental services for your entire family, from your baby's the first dental exam to fitting your parents' dentures.

Some of the most important reasons to see your dentist include:

 ▪ Early detection of oral cancer
 ▪ Remove plaque and tartar buildup
 ▪ Find and fix cavities
 ▪ Discover problems under the surface with x-rays
 ▪ Check for damaged teeth
 ▪ Discover tooth decay
 ▪ And more!

Here are the major services we offer at Litchfield Family Dental:

  ▪ Cosmetic Dentistry - We can make your smile enhancement which can have dramatic results on your overall appearance with Veneers.
  ▪ General Dentistry - Thorough dental cleanings and exams we ensure your family's dental health. Prevention is always the best treatment.
  ▪ Pediatric Dentistry - Your child's visit to the dentist should be enjoyable! We make special efforts to make your child happy during his visit.
  ▪ Restorative Dentistry - We can repair your family's damaged teeth with Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Root Canals and Dentures.
  ▪ Oral Surgery - We provide simple/surgical extractions and bone grafts.
  ▪ Dental Implants - Implants bond with your natural bone to become a sturdy base to support crowns.
  ▪ Invisalign - Clear aligners are used to adjust teeth and look as if you're not wearing anything at all!
Dr. J. Kim and our dental team are experienced professionals who believe in personalized dental care, focusing on your unique needs, to help you develop optimal oral health and a smile that filled with confidence. Our team is warm, friendly and supportive to provide you with a comfortable dental visit. 

Understanding your needs and concerns are very important to us, including your timeline and financial considerations. Following your exam, Dr. J. Kim will create your customized care plan with consideration of your clinical and personal needs for the best treatment experience and personal satisfaction. Our dedicated service make us one of the leading dentists in the Litchfield and Torrington, CT areas.

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Our team is dedicated to provide the best and the most efficient treatment to our patients.
All of our staff members are qualified and committed to the highest quality.
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  ​We care your satisfaction and we try our best to make you satisfied with our services. We are not only providing the best clinical supports but also the best front desk experience.  
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We care about both your time and ours. We pay close attention to our appointment times and management to minimize your wait time, no matter what your appointment is for.